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A former high school dropout and teen mother, Therese is now an inspirational speaker, social justice activist, author and filmmaker. Her writing has been published in Emrys Journal, Iodine, Main Street Rag, The Charlotte Observer, Raising Our Voices, Sun Journal, and Compassion. Her 2009 collection of essays, Coffee Shop God, offers a glimpse into the profound grief that arose when her younger brother was murdered. As a continuation of her journey to heal, she embarked on a mission to meet her brother’s killer behind bars. The Final Gift, documentary, directed by Bartholomew, follows her path to that meeting. This compelling story has garnered the support of universities, faith-based groups, departments of correction, and victims’ advocacy organizations and is fast becoming a catalyst for a national dialogue on restorative justice.

Therese resides in North Carolina, holds a BA in English and MS in criminal justice, is co-founder of The Final Gift Restorative Justice Initiative, and is a board member of North Carolina Victim Assistance Network and Tosco Music Party, Inc. She is currently working on her second book and producing a social justice docu-drama on the topic of race and motherhood; both with expected release in fall 2015.