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Therese is currently working on Mothers and Sons: it’s not all black and white, a docu-drama aimed at exploring the attitudes, beliefs, challenges, and hopes shared by Black and White mothers of sons. The project grew out of a white mother’s desire to understand the experience of her Black and White counterparts. She wondered what would be different about raising a Black male. She had witnessed inequities, injustices, and lack of understanding – even in the 21st century. Were other mother’s contemplating, wrestling with the same social, academic, systematic pressures? Did they share the same hopes and dreams, the same fears and anxieties? Does race play a role in mothering a son?
The three directors, all mothers of sons themselves, invite you to participate and share your stories of motherhood. We are seeking 10 Black mothers of sons and 10 White to engage in an in-person, candid, filmed conversation about mothering sons. This conversation will not only be used as a foundation for the docu-drama, but more importantly, as a spring board to create space for larger community dialogues.

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Directed and Produced by three mothers of sons: Tiffaney Moore Borgelin, Therese Bartholomew and Stacey Rose
Director of Photography and Editor: Kendrea Mekkah