Inspirational speaker, prominent social justice activist, filmaker, and author who draws upon her personal experiences to take audiences on a journey of faith and unconditional forgiveness.


Dr. Cary Atkinson, Fayetteville State University

“Therese’s story reminds us that the path to peace lies in the choice to seek meaning and purpose in our deepest moments of suffering.”

Rick Spreitzer, Clinical Counselor, Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center

“Therese’s ease of relating with such plain-spun honesty, undeniable zeal for life , humor and creativity–in total–delivered such a powerful, meaningful, message. Hope is such a valuable commodity, and it’s clear that Therese has it in spades.”

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Dr. Carrie L. Buist, University of North Carolina Wilmington

“Therese has an innate ability to positively impact those she comes into contact with…after she spoke at our campus people were contacting me to express that they couldn’t get her story out of their minds…her ability to share her story allowed others to begin their own journeys of healing and understanding.”

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Caroline, Event Attendee

“‘I’m always trying to improve ‘me’ and ‘grow’ as a human being.’ Her words opened my eyes to the power of forgiveness and understanding…”

 Lisa Kendall, Leadership Professor, Johnson & Wales University

“Her profound message will change anyone who is willing to hear. Our students were deeply affected and wanted to know when she would return to speak again.”

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